Alternate route error and some minor remarks

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After first month of daily use of app I've encountered one annoying behaviour. When I start navigation after choosing alternate road and situation orders me to start driving in for instance opposite direction (car is pointed to that direction) or start point is somehow "out of the road" (exit from gas station, parking lot, private parking not visible on the map or so) or any other situation when route is/needs to be immediately recalculated then my choice of alternate road is ignored and recalculation gives default route. In my humble opinion recalculation should return me to chosen route because now if I want to be sure to really take alternate route then I need to start driving before I choose alternate route which is neither convenient nor safe.
About large blue direction banner there was whole thread - but apart of fact that I fully agree with conclussions there, I'm wondering why road numbers displayed there are so small if there is so much space. And also in navigation mode font size of displayed names and road numbers should be bigger - road numbers, street names outside the trip, rivers/lakes names are barely visible and completely unreadable during navigation.
Apart of that I'm really happy with very good route calculation, exact ETA calculation, good stability and fine look - I'm very pleased using app on daily use.