My GO 60 device will not turn on

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The device has not been turned on in over a year. I have plugged it in for over two hours and nothing. Is there a hard reset on the device?


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    after charging did you hold in the on-off button as long as there is a drum music
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    Welcome to the site....
    One of the worst things you can do to a Lithium battery is to run it down and store it in a flat state....

    Have you tried a Soft/Drum roll restart on the device ??? This restarts the device's Operating System afresh

    Charge the device for at least 2Hrs….
    (Preferably using something like a Smartphone Charger using the Tomtom USB lead)
    OR have the device plugged into a power supply while the device is restarting
    Press and hold the on/off button until you hear a drum-roll sound then release the on/off button.
    You won’t lose anything; it’s just like rebooting your PC
    I use a Soft/drum-roll start after any upgrade large or small.
    It’s also useful to keep in mind for sorting out most minor niggles....

    Stay Safe.... ATB YFM