because the voice of Maria (Catala) Español is no longer there

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After resetting the mobile when loading the voices, Maria (Catalan) Spain is no longer there. She has disappeared from the list.


  • lneam
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    maybe (???) she has covid 19 :'(
  • lampard
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    Hi @Tatiago

    Welcome to the Community! The team is already aware of the 'Maria' voice missing from the GO Navigation app and plans to bring it back soon.

    Regards, lampard
  • Tatiago
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    I have had tomtom on my mobile for years, using the voice of (María) Catalan Spain, I had to reset the mobile and I could not load María's voice in Catalan because it no longer exists, I have complained through the Community and I cannot find an answer , I will have to cancel the next renewal and switch to another browser that does have the voice of my country.
  • Jürgen
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    We have a ticket open to make the voice available again.