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Hi all,
Been using the Go app with good feeling until TT decides to update the app and loose the volume control slider we are left in the dark and the 'new' app is no longer usefull to use on the motorbike and headsets.
I have a topic here:

So.. to make life easy again I bought a Rider 550 that is dedicated for the bikers and it has a VOLUMESLIDER !
but... what happens when you connect it to the headset?? Right, the slider disapears and you must adjust the volume through the headset buttons and the shit with different volumes from different sources starts all over again!!
Unbelievable they screwed me once again but now it will be the last time ever. Been using their devices for as long as I can remember and was always feeling safe to have my Tommeke with me.
But no more, Tommy is for sale and I will move to the other camp.
Unless I am missing something? but I'm affraid I'm not.

How hard can it be?? The slider is there, just leave it there!



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    Been playing another few days with the Rider 550... pffffff. I'm totaly happy with my GO 6200 for the car but I expected at least the same from the Rider 550.
    Sloppy and drops Wifi connection , Traffic and bluetooth drops on regulary basis, the voice commands are sometimes unclear (cracking voice). It seamed to be a Iphone issue but I have it connected to a Samsung S10E and Nolan B901LR which are both premium devices.
    I factory reset the Rider and repaired the devices but it just is what it is and my expectations where to high.

    Voice volumes are NOT stored when adjusting during the voice commands. Does it have to be a 'computer voice or can it be a recorded voice'? I remember a similair problem with the GO app that it only worked with a computerised voice.
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    Volume setting per channel are supported by Nolan.

    See manual;
    4.1. Volume adjustment
    You can easily adjust the volume by tapping the “” or the “” key. You will hear a beep when the volume reaches the maximum or minimum level.
    The volume is independent for each sound source. Once it is set for a specific source (phone call, radio, Mp3), it will be remain in memory even after the system is switched off.
    However, if you adjust the volume during stand-by mode, it will affect volume levels of every audio source


    For cracking voice reset your hidden cache partition on your phone.
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    I did all of the above without the expected result.

    I also have received word from the Nolan support. (The last one for now since they are closed until the 4th of januari.
    I am confused, they told me for the best result:
    - For proper management of the various devices, the mobile phone must be paired up to the N-Com system as MAIN DEVICE. For proper operation of all devices involved, it is recommended to NOT pair up and connect the mobile phone and navigator one to the other.

    But the Rider needs the phone connection for traffic and camera's right??
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    Strange this will be the first BT headset that is not capable of changing an storing the volume for the Navigation instructions BT channel while a navigation instruction is spoken.

    Did you already try a factory reset of the Headset?

    This model is not on the Headset compatibility list. But that doesn't have to meen it won't work.

    Yes, the Rider needs the phone for traffic, camera's, the MyDrive sync, voice commands, Smartphone messages and calling.
    You can disable some like for example Smartphone messages in the BT menu.