Go 6200 v Go Camper v Go Professional 6250

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I have a Go 6200 which is, mostly, very good ..... BUT .... it sometimes takes me via narrow country lanes which I do not like using even though I'm driving an average sized car :'(
I would rather have a longer journey on better roads.
I have it set to take fastest route and not to avoid motorways.

Is there any real advantage if I were to use a Camper or Pro 6250?

Thanks :)


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    in reality all of them use the same software that performs the algorithm with choosing the routes. if you prefer traveling on routes that suit for camper or truck then a go camper or a go professional will be an option.

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    I went through the same thought process as you last year and initially based on the recommendation from Tomtom Customer Services bought a Go 6250.............

    But I sold it quite swiftly as for example it would not recognise the Dartford Tunnel crossing coming from Kent back into Essex. I also had issues being sent on circuitous or crazy routes locally which appeared to be partially linked to weight restrictions.

    I was then recommended to get a Go Camper and whilst that recognised the Dartford Crossing, almost immediately I reported more crazy and illogical routing which "supposedly was to be cured" by a specialised map update to overcome this feature................

    Fast forward a year and the situation still persists on the Go Camper and I often read of similar issues with the Go 6250. I do wonder if Tomtom has the capability or inclination to remedy the issues given the limited number of units that are sold versus the Go 6200 / Go Premium which are the more popular mainstream device.

    Due to Covid, I am not using my car much apart from local journeys, but even a small trip from our village (Bricket Wood at Jct 6 of the M1 ) to the local petrol station - less than 5 minutes / 1 1/2 miles the Go Camper directs me to go south on the M1 to Junction 5 do a U turn and return Northbound on the M1 to Junction 6 then onto the local roads - 7 miles / 14 minutes!

    There are numerous other examples of similar crazy / illogical routings and whilst I can ignore the illogical routes locally, when I am in unfamiliar areas I often feel I am going round in large circles and can arrive some 30 + minutes later than expected........... .

    Based on my experiences I would say the Go Camper can warn/avoid some "height" restriction and it may avoid "some narrow width roads", but be prepared for some frustrating crazy routing and you will still be guided down narrow country lanes.

    As a result of my misgivings of the Go Camper ability to even navigate basic routes (I still have my Go Premium X plus use my Garmin as backup - a combination of the two can give me reassurance I am on the right route! ) I would approach this with caution.
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    Thanks for the replies.
    It seems that there will be little to gain by changing my Go 6200 so I'll stick with it and save a few hundred pounds.
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    Hi, anyone using a tomtom go 6250 have troubles calculating routes through Dartford tunnels? Its likely the gps not calculate any route for the left tunnel anymore with a less height than the limit.