Speed cameras for TOMTOM GO 6000

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Good Morning,

Can someone give me some information please? My speed camera subscription has expired and I'm looking to renew. Looking on the TOMTOM website there are 2 options for getting speed cameras. That being SPEED CAMERA UPDATES and LIVE Services.

My question, is there any difference in the speed camera data within the Live Services? Does Live services get mobile camera updates for example?

Trying to understand the price difference between the packages when it appears you get more services via live services for a reduced cost.

Many thanks for the assistance


  • VikramK
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    Hi @RPM10000

    Welcome to the community! LIVE Services would be a bundle of Traffic and speed camera updates.
    Your GO 6000 already comes with lifetime TomTom Traffic services so you need to only subscribe to Speed Camera services.
    Alert for mobile cameras is a part of speed camera services.

    Regards, Vikram