GO 620, issue with bluetooth connection to iPhone

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iPhone shows paired in bluetooth settings screen but device quickly cycles between connecting, connected, and unable to connect? I disabled Wi-Fi on device to avoid


  • DougLap
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    Hi @DS3

    Just to check when you paired the iPhone to the GO620 did you have the iPhones Personal Hotspot turned on in Settings. If not then completely delete the pairing from the GO 620 and the iPhone and after turning both units Off and On then pair again.

    You should note that when Pairing you need the Personal Hotspot turned On in Settings but at no time are you asked for the Hotspots password nor do yo ulinl it to the GO620's Wifi. When you seek to use the GO620 you need to have the Hotsdpoy turned on and you will fund if you are linked to the GO620 via Bluetooth and turn the Hotspot Off you will lose the Bluetooth link.