Why don't local updates work?

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I've been using my GPS units and your Mapshare site for more than 6 years. You have yet to publish in the maps ANY of several dozen corrections that I have made to your inaccurate and out dated map information. Is it just those of us in the USA that you ignore?

I purchased the Go 620 thinking it would be an advance, and it really isn't in any useful way. People who I call, cannot hear me through it due to road noise. It won't update the many roads in my area for their speed limits, many of which, if they are present (which is rare) are incorrect.

You STILL list a shopping center who no longer exists and whose name changed about 6 to 7 years ago. You no longer offer services, such as next exit poi data, or fuel prices. I'm really sorry I purchased the last 4 tomtom units hoping for better service.

Why aren't the corrections made from my G0 620 being made (mostly missing speed limits). I updated the roads on my new neighborhood and sent photos to show your mapshare people the new roads, and this was ignored. The latest map STILL lack data I sent three years ago.


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    Not just in US. Canada also. Road was closed for over 2 years, and still show as drive trough.