Mobile speed camera logged on system but not activated

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There is a mobile speed camera near to where I work. I have recorded it many times and once it even alerted me. The a box popped up with "is this still there", I pressed the yes button.
Since then it has not alerted me so I thought I would look on map share and found the attached picture.
Can anyone please explain why this has not been accepted?
Many thanks.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @pimpers

    Mobile speed cameras cannot be reported using MapShare website. The site can be used to report fixed cameras.

    When reporting it on the device, in most cases a single report will be enough to trigger a shared mobile camera alert for 2 hours. If within these 2 hours a second report is made, the original report is extended for 1 more hour. If a third report or more are sent within these 3 hours, the total remaining time the camera is shared for will increase in smaller amounts with a maximum additional time of 3 hours.

    I hope this was helpful :)

    Regards, Vikram
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    Thank you Vikram. So if this is the case, why are the following alerts given ? There are other mobile camera sites in Stevenage and these ping everytime you pass near to where they are positioned even when they are not there.

    It is this reason why I asked the question and why I cannot understand why the one in Cambridge is not a perminant alert. I thought the idea of the mobile camera alert was warn other motorists but obviously this is not the case!
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    The... 'Is a 'Speed Camera still there' request is only issued if someone has recently reported a Speed Camera to be present, the warning should remain active for 2 to 3 hours unless someone else reports the Camera van still there, or it has moved on (The Warning would be extended or removed as required)
    The Tomtom Mobile camera database has always been that way
    I have also seen and not been warned about the Mobile Camera Vans, but I always report one if I see it, so I guess the Tomtom users for the next couple of hours received a warning

    i.e... A while ago on Woodbury Lane Worcester I spotted a Police Motorcycle speed check/trap... I received no warning
    I tapped the 'Report a Speed Cam' button....
    On the return journey I received a warning and a confirmation 'Is the Camera still there request'


    I prefer camera the 3rd party Speed camera database that I use on my NAV3 devices, I don't mind the false positives, but it can get a little irritating along the A449 with the sheer amount of false positives....

    The Tomtom 'Smart' Speed Camera database is so that people aren't annoyed by false positive Speed Cam warning
    I wish Tomtom would offer the best of both worlds
    A choice between their 'Smart' system that relies on other users reporting the Cameras
    Or an option to Warn about the location of each Camera whether it's a live Camera location or a false positive

    Merry Christmas Stay Safe... YFM
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    Thank you @YamFazMan, now I understand it and with you explaination it is much clearer.

    Thanks again.