The best route often takes me off the main road and into a dangerous and wrong route.

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I have a GO 510 with world maps. Whenever I travel, the device drives me into a route that not always is the best one. It often shows me routes thru dangerous mountains instead of the easy ones. I tend to ignore it and drive my own way using the device as an indication of where I am going. However, that is not the reason why I bought it. Can you tell me what is wrong with my TomTom GO 510 or what I am doing wrong_ Thanks.


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    Hi Giuseppe

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    Could be related to a software glitch, I would recommend that you do a factory reset and test it again when you drive next time.

    Main menu- Settings- System- Reset device.

    To avoid losing your stored favorites on the device you can create a back-up using MyDrive..

    See user guide

    Regards, Vikram