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I have been traveling from DA15QJ Dartford London to N111HJ Barnet London several times recently, I approach the M25 at Dartford my device send me clockwise around the M25 then U turns me at the next junction then as i approach the tunnel entrance it tells me to turn left [there is no turning] Then announces i have reached my destination CANTERBURY ROAD. I continue through the tunnel and it resumes to my destination of N111HJ Barnet north London.


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    I had a similar issue in mid-2019 year soon after buying a GO Professional 6250 (only purchased as recommended by TT’s Customer Service as I was fed up being routed down single track narrow roads by my car sat nav) and found that travelling back from Kent into Essex for Hertfordshire the 6250 refused point blank to acknowledge the existence of the Dartford Crossing and suggested I travel clockwise around the M25 instead – a journey of 80 miles versus the ~45 miles I expected. :s

    Plus as I was returning from an area I was not familiar with I did not know whether to follow the directions given or ignore them………. :'(

    I spoke to customer services and they said the issue had already been reported and would be corrected in a “later” ;) map update, I got so fed up with this and other navigational vagaries that I sold the 6250………… (I then bought a Go Camper that does acknowledge the Dartford Crossing; but that too has its own crazy routing problems :s ) but it is disappointing to note from your experiences, the issue still appears to be unresolved.

    Suggest you contact Customer Services / report on the Mapshare reporting tool – good luck. ;)