App can't find any postcodes

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Infuriating! Had the app over a year and now it decides it can’t find any postcodes - indeed it can’t even find an address. Anything I put in just brings up local numbers and street names. I’ve set it to search all maps, I have all UK mainland maps downloaded, I’ve removed and reinstalled 3 times and I’ve signed out and back in.

V2.4 installed, running on IOS 14.2


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Pelekan

    is it possible that you can indicate an address that you are trying to locate using the App. Is this when you type the address or using Siri. All seems to be Okay on mine.

    When you have deleted the App and reinstalled did you turn the iPhone Off before Reinstalling the App.

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    Have you installed all the sub sets of Maps for the WHOLE of the UK&ROI ??? On my iPhone there's....

    Ferry Connections Europe
    Great Britain and Ireland... With Map Sub Sets....
    UK Central
    UK North
    UK North Ireland / Ireland
    UK South


    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    I didn't even realise there were sub sets of the maps. I took a look & have them all installed for Great Britain and Ireland. I assume that the idea is you can remove them to save a few hundred MB if you live in Cornwall & think that you will never travel to the Midlands & North or Scotland.
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    Hi @nigelbbb

    You should also bear in mind the Ferry Connections Europe file which you should find in the list of Europe maps available. This file does not just do Ferries but also includes Bridges as some countries, I know Denmark is one, can struggle to find routes from some places without the file being loaded despite no ferries being involved. Also with the file the Routing will be shown with the Ferries you would need to take to Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man for example rather than just saying no route possible.

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