Go App on motorbike/intercom audio chanel output/ volume issues

Bart Bever
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Hi guys,
Still running the old Go app on the motorbike because the new version doesn't have the in app volume slider. This is a must have to level all different incoming signals in the intercom headset.
I understand that since the release there have been several updates but still waiting confirmation from bikers that it is 'ok' now.
Inputs that I need leveled out are: intercom voice, phonecall, radio and gps instructions'.

Can always buy the TT Rider but I like the app and don't see the need to spend another 350 euro.



  • lampard
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    Hi @Bart Bever

    I'm not familiar with the Intercom headset but If I want to get the instructions via my Bluetooth headphones, I use the 'Alarm channel' as audio output under sound settings. Also, I connect my BT headphones to my phone and select the Android setting for the Bluetooth as follows:
    • Phone calls: enabled
    • Media audio: disabled
    • Contact sharing: disabled
    In this fancy configuration, I can still perform phone calls over my BT headphones and I hear voice instructions from the app through the phone, not BT headphone which might be a downside for you. Maybe someone else can shed a light on this!

    Regards, lampard