Start 52 updates does not work, asks for activation code

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Dear friends, Bought a start at CoolBlue last week 52. The card in it dates from April 5, 2019. Is that a bit old? And he asks for activation code. Did see a number QR3494 ...... which it may be but that is not clear either. When I go to Update s it says 22. When I click something it tells me to do Navcore first. Is that sometimes Nav4. Whatever I click there, nothing happens. Have already lost two hours with result zero.

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  • VikramK
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    Hi @BenTom123

    Welcome to the community! Our team has done some changes in the backend to free up space on your TomTom. Simply connect the device to MyDrive Connect and check let the jobs process.

    Once done check for updates again.
    Try installing one update at a time by selecting them under 'My Content' tab.

    Regards, Vikram