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Yet again I have problem where try to update but just get the "getting ready " screen then eventually "server busy" try again later. Have had this several times before and tried over several days and different times of day but get nowhere. Am using MacBook Air with OS Catalina 10.15.7 and Safari browser. Have removed TomTom my drive connect app and reinstalled but still not updating any of the 3 updates available.that I select. What can I do to cure this once and for all...very frustrated and wasting too much time.

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    I recognize the same problem. I tried all tips from TomTom without result.
    Then, when I get message "server busy" Ilogged out from my account and the I did log in again.
    Every time I do like this, the bupdate has been successful.
    I seems than TomTom has made som improvement on "My drice connect", as it works without need to log out/in.
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    Followed the link and removed HOME3 etc. and it worked. Start 25 updated. Have printed out method and stored for next time!
    Thank you
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    Have same problem and no result up to now. Did all kind of methods advised here. No rersults. Looks as if they want me to buy newer system.
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