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Transfer Darth Vader voice from my old One XL to GO Supreme

Rom2509Rom2509 Posts: 10 [Apprentice Traveler]
I also need some help on transferring Darth Vadar premium voice from my old One XL to my just bought Go Supreme.

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  • Rom2509Rom2509 Posts: 10 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi @VikramK

    Thankyou very much for that.

    I'm not sure how things work in this community but I hope you could resolve the following issues on my brand new Go Supreme 5

    1) Looking through my old One XL, I saw I had also purchased R2D2 -Star Wars, which I would like to also be on my Go Extreme 5

    2) I also wanted to know whether if it's possible to have a security pin on the new device, as well as my contact details ie address and mobile number, which were both features that I have and used on the One XL ?

    3) As I have lots of wall chargers around the home from my smart devices, can any of them be used with the USB cable that came with the unit to charge ? If so, what is the minimum and maximum the chargers should be in terms of Watts and amperage ?

    4) When I begin to charge via USB cable the Go Extreme, it automatically switches on. Is there a way to charge the unit without it coming on ? I was able to charge the One XL while it remained off.

    I would so much appreciate answers to the above.


  • Rom2509Rom2509 Posts: 10 [Apprentice Traveler]
    How do I mark something as the answer !
    I'm new here and trying to do the right thing.
    Would appreciate your patience and understanding.
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