Can I get a re-fund on recent purchases if buying a new TomTom?

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I have a TomTom Go 1005 and I am having no end of trouble downloading anything from maps, speed cameras to GPS fixes. I have tried all the recommendations including even turning off my VPN but to no avail. To be fair I've had it probably ten years or so and well, maybe it's to be expected. So, it looks like I will be in the market for a new one and with the offers on at the moment the Go Premium X is the front runner.

However, in August I paid £49.95 for a year subscription of live Traffic and only a few days ago £7.99 plus making a direct debit for future payments for maps which as I said I cannot download. If I purchase the new Go Premium X will I be able to get any sort of re-fund for the monies paid out for the remaining 8 months of Live Traffic and the new maps never used?

Thanks for your advice