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How do I move my places on to computer

Dj_Eddie1234Dj_Eddie1234 Posts: 23 [Master Explorer]
I’m proper confused on how too get my places on to computer then how to factory reset then put my places back on device 27mjse06hn62.jpeg


  • LochfrassLochfrass Posts: 16,466
    edited December 2020
    If you have mydrive activated, they are stored in your personal mydrive cloud.
    You can log in this side with the same credentials that you use in your satnav to see wich "MyPlaces" are stored in your cloud.
    After the factory reset when you use the same cloud again, then the MyPlces will sync to your device again.
  • Dj_Eddie1234Dj_Eddie1234 Posts: 23 [Master Explorer]
    Thanks very much I have done the reset but there is a particular road that’s marked as not allowing me to drive on it tries to divert me away from it for some reason I thought the reset would of sorted the issue
  • LochfrassLochfrass Posts: 16,466
    How is the road marked?
    Blocked road via TomTom Traffic:

    Blocked in TomTom map (the road is not given free in the map and you must wait for next map)

  • Dj_Eddie1234Dj_Eddie1234 Posts: 23 [Master Explorer]
    It’s like this ac91r02zq1ca.jpeg
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