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Just to make people aware of a scam website which I clicked onto while trying to download my drive. Recieved a call from socalled tomtom support asking to acess my pc


  • YamFazMan
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    Welcome to the site...
    Glad you realized it was a scam and didn't actually get scammed....
    It looks you were on a Scam lookalike Tomtom website right from the very start....
    The Scam websites are visually very professional and are remarkably convincing....
    The Phone call or Chat line is where you get first get suckered in... then the Support Service person (Scammer) rings you to completes the Scam....

    See my Signature for more info....
    Stay safe... ATB YFM
  • sat2light
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    I spoke to someone on one of these sites I was informed by genuine site that i didn't have enough memory on my device I was trying to upload France I had paid TOM TOM
    for the maps and i googled tom tom contact number search looked genuine so i called the number a guy answered he told me to buy an sd card and all would be fine which i did he said to call him on the same number to advise reply voicemail wasted my money buying sd card .
    Tom Tom support said they had nobody dealing with my query and that it must be fake.
    TOM Tom refunded my map dwnload cost to be fair just bought a new satnav instead now i have my map of France and europe all is well.