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Migrating data to new device

Hello, I've been using TomTom sport devices for 5 years, a Runner 2 at first and a Spark 3 now. They did a good job for my needs, but now I'm looking forward to a new sdevice, as TomTom discontinued support. I mean, I'm using Spark till it dies, but I want to be prepared.
I'm thinking about an Apple watch, but I wouldn't like to lose 5 years of data from MySports, it would be really a shame...
Is there a way to transfer all data from site to the new watch? In particular about tracking ones (gpx activities could be imported one by one from the zip files, I don't know about .Json files).
Maybe with a non-Apple device migration would be easier?
Thanks a lot.


  • AngeloColAngeloCol Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I did that yet, but I didn't know how to import data in Apple Health, then. Thank you for your suggestion anyway, I took a look to Garmin site and it allows to import files one by one.
    Meanwhile, I found an interesting app in Apple Store able to sync databases from almost every sport site, including MySports, in a very simple way. It's not for free, but quite cheap. It was worth it to me, in order to avoid inserting more than 300 activities manually.
    With that I could sync all activities, but I'm still looking for a tool to sync tracking files, too (sleeping time, daily hr, weight, etc). If anyone knows how to do it, I'd appreciate.
    Thank you!
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