disable tripadvisor ?

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Hi all,
Does anyone know if its possible to disable Tripadvisor on mydrive. I have been in contact with customer care and mapshare to explain a big problem. The problem is when on mydrive planning a route and click on a poi like cafeteria or restaurant and info from Tripadvisor comes on the screen the map location can be 2km or more incorrect. If you then click on plan route you are navigated via Tripadvisor to their incorrect location.
I have come across many around the area of Andalusia which I know the map location is incorrect because I am familiar with the area. I have been in contact with Tripadvisor but not getting anywhere so I give up with them.
This is not a problem with tomtom its a problem with Tripadvisor.
Does anyone know if its possible to disable Tripadvisor on mydrive because Tripadvisor are USELESS.



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    I am now running into a similar problem in that TripAdvisor is coming up when I am trying to setup a route and there seems to be no way to get rid of it - this is pure advertising stopping the correct use of My Drive and is ruining my efforts to plan a route. If I want to use TripAdvisor I can do that, I don't need it rammed down my throat. Shame on you TomTom.
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    Toggle the camera , the centre icon, at the bottom of the MyDrive screen