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Can stops be announced on a track?

Hi everyone, newbie here. I've just bought a Tom Tom GO Basic and have been noodling around with the MyDrive web app to plan a few custom drives with stops. I've successfully synched these to the satnav as tracks (that's what I want; I don't want to deviate from my route so they need to be tracks) - so far, so good.

However, the stops I've added don't appear in the route bar and aren't announced when I'm driving, they just appear briefly on the guidance view. This isn't ideal as it means they're quite easy to miss unless I keep glancing at the satnav, which I don't like to do.

With more noodling, I have discovered that the stops will be announced if I allow the track to become a 'route' on the satnav, but this then messes up my customisations as it just finds the quickest route between the stops.

Is there any workaround for this, or any plans for stops to be announced when driving a track? If the issue is the interaction between the MyDrive web app and the satnav model, then is this feature available on another TomTom device? Sorry if this has been discussed before; I did search but couldn't find anyone posting about this exact situation.


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,061
    Welcome to the site...
    A Route planned directly on the device generates a .ITN Route....
    A Route planned using MyDrive Connect and saved to the device using the Save & Sync option is a .GPX Track
    A Route planned using MyDrive Connect and saved to the device using the Save & Sync option is a .GPX Track... A .GPX Track is basically a breadcrumb track that you follow....

    I prefer .ITN Routes....
    A Route planned directly on the device is a .ITN Route
    An .ITN Route uses Stops and the device plans the route between the stops... An .ITN Route will respond to Live Traffic and any route deviations BUT an .ITN route will doggedly follow the stops in the order they were created, if you miss a stop, the device will continuously attempt to guide you to the missed stop... You have to cancel the problem stop on the device to avoid it

    If you want to force a different route you simply add more stops
    Note...When you add the extra Stops Max Zoom right into the road
    Don't put the stop on the wrong side of a dual track road (Journey loop back errors)
    Don't put the stop up a side-road... It may guide you though a built-up area via side streets back to your route, instead of a u-turn
    Don't put the stop on a traffic Island always place a guidance stop further up road on the route after the required traffic island exit....

    Maybe Useful....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
  • SnoozlefishSnoozlefish Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi @YamFazMan, thanks for that info. Some issues I have with that approach though, I wonder if you can help or offer any more thoughts:
    • I don't want to create arbitrary stops to 'force' an .ITN file to follow my desired route. I use stops to alert me to something on my travel itinerary, so that would get quite confusing and defeat the object.
    • I much prefer using the MyDrive web app - rather than the satnav itself - to plan routes as it's easier and designed specifically for custom route planning.
    • I want to stick exactly to the route I've created, regardless of traffic, so using an .ITN file would be a problem in this respect.

    Any thoughts? Perhaps I'm missing something, but it seems like a feature that should exist given that people must use tracks almost exclusively for road trips with multiple points they want to stop at.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,061
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    The problem with .ITN Stops is Tomtom choice to use a limited version of the .ITN Stop options by using only one of the five variants of the .ITN Stops that are available...
    See Wikipedia .ITN Routes...

    You already know the problems with .GPX Stops
    For me .GPX tracks for complex journeys are totally useless....
    I would suspect they would also be useless for most delivery drivers....

    User @RoadRider has written some dedicated Programs & Fixes....
    See here TomTom Rider Projects....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
  • SnoozlefishSnoozlefish Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Fair point about delivery drivers, but in my scenario the lack of stops being announced on a track is very annoying. I'm planning a road trip along the Atlantic Highway with many stops along the way - as it stands, then, the satnav will either follow my customised route, but won't tell me when I'm nearing a stop I've added, or it gives me the spoken stop announcement but takes away my customised route and just defaults to fastest route between stops, thus ignoring the roads I want to take. What a shame! Thanks for your help though @YamFazMan, I guess I will have to fudge it somehow!
  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 726 [Revered Pioneer]
    When you really stop at each stop you can split the tracks like;
    • Start to coffee (Stop1)
    • Coffee (Stop1) to lunch (Stop2)
    • Lunch (Stop2) to .....
    • ... to beer and BBQ (Stop8)
    And load the next track at the stop.

    You can also display the track point with "GPX Track 2 OV2" (or "Load track") and load the ITN route (using te USB cable for more tan 20 stops)
    Then follow the track points when the route takes a wrong turn. So this is more difficult to use.

  • SnoozlefishSnoozlefish Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks @RoadRider, I'm not that savvy with the satnav so not sure what "GPX Track 2 OV2" is! I wouldn't be stopping at every stop; some are there just to alert me to look out for things as I drive. Maybe I'm just being too picky with how I want things to work...!
  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 726 [Revered Pioneer]
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    "GPX Track 2 OV2" and "Load Track" are programs I have made.

    With "GPX Track 2 OV2" you can convert a track in to a OV2 POI file. With most TomTom devices you can display these POI's om the map (the dots on the picture above)
    For more information se my website

    "Load Track" is a faster way to load GPX tracks on your device with the option to also install the corresponding OV2 POI file.

    You can also add "Favorites" for your stops to display them on the screen. (Or a POI file when you have to many)
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