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As such my problem has never existed, because I had not realized that it is Tom Tom who have sent me Individual Maps that I do not want/need. It was not me who has downloaded the Individual Maps by mistake.
When I decided to install the Europe Map on my device I soon realized that the built in memory was not adequate for me, and therefore, I fitted an extra 8Gb memory card, and have never had a problem.

The problem I actually have now, is that I have to search through 21/22 updates to find the 2/3 updates that I need to install on my device.
Hence my request to have someway to delete the Individual Maps from Tom Tom My Drive Connect, or perhaps you are able to find someway to stop sending me updates I do not need, as I have fitted the extra memory to cope with my requirements.
Perhaps you can talk to your technical department to provide a deletion system for people like myself who have extra memory fitted, and do not want to install any other maps.

I hope you understand the situation I now find myself in, for years I have only had to install the updates that Tom Tom have sent me, not to have to search through 21/23 updates for the 2/3 that I need. I find this situation very tiresome to say the least. I know that Tom Tom are trying to do their best for their customers, but it has a flip side as I have found out and explained above.

Perhaps Forum members could also request from Tom Tom a method of deleting these unwanted/not needed maps so that on devices with extra memory as I have fitted, do not have to continually search for the only the updates I need. The more who ask for this, the better chance of some action being taken by Tom Tom.
The system is good but I feel it needs refining to allow the end user to return to the much easier previous system.

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    Welcome to the site....
    The Start 25 is a NAV3 device, the Europe Map is a single download file but on the device it is displayed a list of individual countries....

    On the screen where you enter your city/postcode
    Screen top right is a Flag Icon... Tap the Flag Icon (Should be your countries flag)For example... The French Tricolour flag....

    If you plan a trip to another Country you will have to change the Map to suit....
    For example a trip From France to the UK.... Tap on the Tricolour Flag Icon and type UN or as much of the countries name ie... United Kingdom to put the UK map Icon at the top of the flag list
    Tap the UK Flag Icon... The Flag (Screen top right) will now be The UK Union Flag
    Now you can enter your UK Address and plan your Journey....
    The UK map will now be the default Map

    Each time you plan a trip to another Country you will have to change the Map as above to suit
    Don't forget to switch back to your own Countries Map on your return

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Sorry YamFazMan, you have not understood my problem.
    On my device , which is fitted with an 8 Gb Memory card I have ONLY the whole Europe Map and the Speed Cameras.
    Tom Tom being helpful have now decided to send out 18 individual Maps for people like me who have a Start 25 which in its original condition only has 4 Gb built in memory.
    but remember I fitted the 8Gb memory Card and now my device will accommodate the Whole Europe Map and the Speed Cameras with around 6 Gb Spare Space if I need it.
    These individual maps are only held within Tom Tom My Drive Connect on my Computer ready for me to load onto my Device if I want any, which I don't.
    This means I now have to search through up to 21 updates in My Drive Connect for 2/3 updates I need. This frustrates me as for years I only had to update my device with any updates for my Whole Europe Map or speed cameras and of course the GPS update's as required.
    I believe Tom Tom have taken my concerns onboard and will develop a workaround for people like me who have fitted the extra memory.