Unable to connect to Traffic on GO 620

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android phone will only connect to TomTom 620 for hands-free and messages. phone says app needed for traffic via data tom tom says unable to connect
Have tried numerous ideas none work !!! HELP HELP


  • lampard
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    Hi there @nicks7707

    Welcome to the Community! I would advise you to make a factory reset on your device by following the steps below:
    • Select the Main Menu button in Map View or Guidance View to show the Main Menu.
    • Scroll to the right of the screen and select the Settings button.
    • Scroll to the right of this menu and select System.
    • In the System menu, select Reset. Select Reset again to confirm.
    • A warning screen appears to confirm the deletion of your saved places and settings. Select Reset to confirm.
    Note: Resetting your device removes all your saved places and settings, including the language, the voice, and the warning settings.

    Once the reset is finished, follow the video below to connect to the traffic via smartphone.

    Regards, lampard