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Deleted my map on Via 1650

boljakboljak Posts: 19 [Outstanding Explorer]
connected to myDrive connect with my Via 1650. it showed me 2 updates. map share and map updates. device message says Updating...
couple of hours later message says something went wrong. restarted device, says no map found. restarted mydrive and now it says device is no longer supported. it offered me to buy a replacement.
I had the old map working on the via1650 and then my drive connect destroyed the map. Tomtom maliciously bricked my device and now it is only good to be used as a paperweight. Tomtom what are you going to do about this screwup? You should install the old map so I can still use it.

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  • boljakboljak Posts: 19 [Outstanding Explorer]
    thanks for your help. followed your instructions and now i got the map back. great to have people like you helping out others. many thanks again.
  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,597 Moderator
    Glad to know that you're sorted @boljak !

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