My neighbour with his new navigator does not have a computer??

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I have a GO 6000 navigator which I update through the normal TT site using my account. My neighbour has just bought a TT navigator (I don't know what model) when he turned it on it says it must be updated etc. He went back to the shop where he bought it and they told him that it must be connected to a computer with internet access. The problem is that he does not have a computer!! (He is a pensioner) Can you recommend a useable solution, we are not relations or friends just acquaintances? my email is [email protected]

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    Thanks for your reply, He has a "Start 52". I passed on your comments and told him to set up his phone as a wifi Hotspot and take it from there. I said I would give him a hand if he had a problem.
    Thanks again.
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    The Start 52 is no WIFI Device. It was mannaged wit a PC and MyDrive Connect as your GO6000
    GO Basic/Go Essential/Go Premium/ Go 5200/6200 or Go620/520 are WiFi Devices.

    Maybe you can update it for him by logging out of MyDrive Connect with your Accout, logging in with his TomTom account and updating his device.
    Or he must ask if he can exchange it for a WIFI capable device.