MyDrive application doesn't detect my device

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Hello, I have a TomTom Trucker 6000, my live services expired 1 month ago and I'm trying to renew it but in order to update my live services I need to connect it with MyDrive Connect.. When I launch the application it says 'please connect your device', I tried my original cable but it didn't work, I also bought a new cable but still didn't worked so I have looked at all the information on the help pages, I reinstalled the app, resetted my device several times, updated my computer drivers, tried on a whole new computer but it still didn't work. I know that all of my cables are working fine as I am able to charge my device. I came to know that you don't really need live services if you can connect your device to internet through hotspot but for some reason there isn't neither a Bluethoot or WiFi option in my device. Is there supposed to be one on the Trucker Go 6000? Can someone please help me? As a truck driver it is very important for me to know which roads are blocked and get live traffic updates in order to deliver in time. Just last week I got stuck for 2 hours because I didn't had live services telling me there was a road blocked ahead.


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    Hi @Aman_Johal

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    LIVE Traffic updates are a part of the over the air services so they don't require a connection to the computer for updating. Also, the speed cameras get updated over the air when you are driving on a planned route.

    However, for updating the maps you will need a computer connection. I see you have already tried the standard troubleshooting steps. I am afraid there is not much left for me to advise here.

    If this is a hardware issue, I think the customer service can decide that.

    Regards, Vikram
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    What a very poor answer- I too have used the same methods of attempting to connect my Uconnect 5 inch Radio Nav inbuilt sat nav to add item but to no avail - I still cannot update my map purchase
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    I bought the live services online but my device still doesn't have them