I am receiving multiple syncs of 1 workout in myfitnesspal app. (Spark Cardio + Music)

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I think the Tom Tom's connection to Myfitnesspal keeps disconnecting and reconnecting all the sudden in the last 2 weeks (November 23rd, 2020 today), and that exports multiple readings of a workout to the Myfitnesspal app. Any fixes for this bug? Is there something else going on here? This is the only apps I have connected to each other.


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    There are no fixes for any bugs, TT Sports went out of business over 3 years ago and has not changed their code. Any problems are on the MMF side or in your phone or device. Try to factory reset the watch and reset the connection with MMF. Remove it from TT as well as from MMF and then set it up again.
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    Hey sounds good. I had no clue. The watch has been working well for years, and haven't had any issues until now. thanks for responding. I'll try that out and see if it helps.