Using Run instead of Hiking?

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Hi guys,
I've a regular Spark3 model, meaning no cardio, and I don't have an HR either.
Is it okay to use Run mode when I'm talking a walk and then change it to Hike in the app (or website)?
How wil the calories count would be affected?
I mean...if I just walk and it counts the calories for that walk under 'Run' different would that be compared to calories count on a 'Hike' mode?

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    Calories burned will depend on the activity mode used. In running, cycling and swimming modes the watch is not using your HR to calculate caloric burn; it is using MET tables, which are tables of energy expenditure at various paces. They did it this way to enable users who are not using a HR monitor to get a caloric estimate (otherwise they would get a zero reading). Since MET tables are based on pace and distance, if you are hiking in run mode it will just think you are running really slow and will produce different results, but they may not be that far off. METs table is geometric meaning the slower your pace the faster the calorie burn falls, so if you are hiking really slow it may be inaccurate. For walking I just use standard number of calories per mile and ignore what the watch says.
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    So I know that it's using MET tables to calculate the calories, instead of HR.
    That's the reason I'm using 'Run' mode to take a walk, because I'm thinking that the calories count will be close to those in real case scenario.
    I'm wondering how much is the difference...maybe 10% more on a "Run" mode?
    If I had an HR I would use the 'Freestyle' mode for my walks...and had the correct calories count, but I don't have it.
    The reason I'm doing this is 'cos I want to have that saved and calculated in my daily activities in the webapp.
    Thanks for the reply
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    thanks! that's a very good tip!