When will TomTom upgrade its devices?

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I love my Tomtom, but it's getting quite dated as modern technology goes. When will TomTom upgrade its devices to include
1. A dash cam. It's annoying to have two devices on the windscreen.
2. Faster warnings when the vehicle is over the speed limit so drivers keep their license and don't get fined.
3. Road sign recognition so that the Tomtom can warn the driver of changed traffic conditions such as new speed limit signs.
4. Proximity warnings of travelling too fast for the closeness of the vehicle in front.
These features have been available in up-market vehicles for over five years. Why can't I buy a Tomtom with the same?
Hoping the Tomtom engineers are reading this.
Andrew Mac


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    It's a GPS device, sounds like you need a new vehicle with upfront display built into dash. My 1605 TM is old unit but does warn me when traveling over speed limit. I do connect my device to pc only to check and install any updates and do find have to clear memory to upload newer maps and speed limits.
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    Hi 1SAT,
    Thank you for your reply. Yep, a new vehicle sounds nice. Sadly it is not in the budget and the vehicle manufacturer tech to get the features that I'm after costs many many thousands over a base model vehicle. Tomtom have always been good at supplying top-rated sat-nav services that beat the vehicle manufacturers and Google. I'm hoping that Tomtom are looking for a new direction to take their great products to the next level.
    Pleased you liked your old 1605. It was a great model. My current Tomtom warns me about being over the speed limit too, but it takes five seconds or 250m of driving over the speed limit before the Tomtom sounds its warning. That's long enough to lose your driver's license or get fined big $ for being over speed. If Tomtom can shorten the distance travelled or the time until the warning is sounded, there will be a lot of accidental over-speeds that won't result in dire consequences.
    Thanks again for your thoughts.
    Best wishes,