Metal surround for TomTom Runner Button

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Is it possible to get a new metal surround for my TomTom Sport. The button stopped working and I removed the surround, but it has broken. The watch still works if I use a small screwdriver to push down on each side!


  • tfarabaugh
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    No it is not, that is not a replaceable part and TT Sports went out of business and ceased all production over 3 years ago. It is out of warranty and they might offer to replace it (with a refurbished model) for a fee but that would be a waste of money on an obsolete watch. There are plenty of brands out there with better feature sets for less money these days.
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    My button on my runner was giving me trouble and I removed the button and the left side of the square button was not working and used a small piece of chewing gum wrapper and inserted a small piece and button now working. I do not know if you will find a new button. I did go to Ebay's website just for grins and do see numerous Tom Tom runners for sale and cheap you could buy one and use it for parts or as a replacement. I bought one used on Mercari and works great as well. I'm transitioning to Garmin but still like the accuracy of my Tom Tom runner.