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Has anyone recently had a call from a so called 'tech' regarding updates?

A guy took over my computer, when i was having problems updating my TomTom Start 25 about a year ago and using the helpline, just as others have, it seems.
I naturally assumed...as did others on this forum, that he was working for this company.
I paid him for what i thought was a service to update my satnav for life.
He contacted me today and tried to repeat the same 'service', but said that there was a problem and he needed to complete a procedure with Microsoft...for more money obviously.
That's when the bells began to ring and i told him thank you, i will leave it for now.
This guy [and probably others like him] have been exposed...thanks to your forum.
It would seem that he has the ability to create his own telephone numbers.
The one he used today was a London number:- 020 7097 3717 [probably bogus too!]
I must add that if i had not had cause to use the helpline, this would not have occurred.


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 17,987
    Welcome to the site....
    Sorry to hear you have been scammed....
    Did they ring you up out of the blue or did you visit a Website ???
    The Scam Tomtom websites are visually very professional and are remarkably convincing....
    The Phone call or Chat line is where you get first get suckered in... then the Support Service person (Scammer) rings you to completes the Scam....

    See my Signature for more info....
    Stay safe... ATB YFM
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