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Speed Camera's on my Mazda NB1

IanBondIanBond Posts: 14 [Master Explorer]
edited November 2020 in Built in car navigation
I have just taken up discount offer of Speed Camera Updates on my Mazda NB1 device, is this update done remotely ( automatically) or do I have to update my SD card in my computer ?

I have rarely managed to update via my computer, as my SD card doesn't seem to be able to be read by my computer.

Regards, Nigel L


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,705 Moderator

    Hi Nigel

    Welcome to the community! The speed cameras get updated over the air for LIVE devices when driving on a planned route.

    It looks like you have subscribed to World Speed Cameras services instead of LIVE Services. The NB1 model comes with a built-in SIM to support that enabled it to get LIVE Traffic on the go. LIVE Services package also consists of Speed Cameras services/updates.

    Speed cameras can also be installed using TomTom HOME software application. See also the article troubleshooting advice regarding the SD card not recognized-

    Regards, Vikram
  • IanBondIanBond Posts: 14 [Master Explorer]
    Hi Vikram,

    I subscribed to an online Tomtom offer for Speed Cameras, when I got an email saying my Speed Camera Alerts were deactivated, in fact they have not been working during the last 2 trips I have done, i do have them switched "On", but no response when approaching any cameras.
    If on next trip ( no local speed cameras ) no cameras register I will come back or try your tomtom help suggestion.
    Thank you for response.
  • IanBondIanBond Posts: 14 [Master Explorer]
    Speed camera warnings still not working ( 19th Dec 2020 ), i am paying for them & one post says they are activated in car via Live Services, but they dont work, I have downloaded latest Tomtom Home, but then it says my SD Card is write protected, so what do I do now ?
    Would it be possible for TomTom to supply me a new SD card with everything totally up to date ?
    This is beginning to get silly & i am considering stopping my direct debit, unless TomTom can help me resolve this problem, even more annoying that i cannot actually speak to anyone to sort it out !!
    Nigel L
  • IanBondIanBond Posts: 14 [Master Explorer]
    All sorted, thanks for help.
  • IanBondIanBond Posts: 14 [Master Explorer]
    All sorted -- thank you for help.
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