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Hello everybody, I have a sport watch, it's 3 years old but for TOM TOM it's dead and they can't repair it (please consider is more than 6 mpnths break but for covid reason I wait to contact TOMTOM).
Now they propose me to repair for 105 € (I can get a HUAWEI Watch GT Active Smartwatch for 98€) and six months guaranteed.
As anyone similar experience with TOM TOM assistance?


  • Jim07
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    Hi @ValterZoc

    Unfortunately tomtom left the sport market more than 3 years ago. So we cannot offer you a discount on a new sport watch and yes, if you want a repair out of warranty it will cost 95€.


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    Hi Jim, thanks for your offer, I prefer to add 3 euros and take the Huawei. Your policy is not accettable, you decide when finish the life of a product, unfortunately I took this watch in 2017 and I also have to say that its quality is poor. I think you close your sport division due this issues on your product. But I have also to blame about your assistance, they told me the verify and then recall me but no answer from them. So what I wat in this forum is to say if other people have the same experience or not and discuss with them about our rigth.