no full map, addresses are missing

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Already several times noticed that some addresses do not appear in the map. Just yesterday looked at uipdates. Today searched for Pinkpopplein 1, 6372 XC Landgraaf.
I can't find it.
This is currently set up as corona street.
Unfortunately, Google Maps immediately found the address.
Also at football clubs the numbers of the address are often not found, so you only look for another number, with the result that sometimes you are really wrong.
Perhaps an investigation and update of the limburg-south NL section is an option?

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    Unlike Google our map is not on a server, but you download it on your device ( with a limited internal memory) For this reason we do not have all the streets number in our data base.

    If you see some error on our map you can also use the mapshare reporter tool, here, to report it.