Smart Car Navigation Icons Missing After Update?

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Recently updated my maps etc for my 2015 Smart ForFour and although the update seems to have been okay I am missing all the small Smart car navigation icons that appear on the map? I have the Renault icons okay but no Smart icons? Is there a way of getting them back?

Secondly, the SD card is now not recognised by the update software it appears to be full? How do I make space on the card to reload updates?


  • Jim07
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    We do not provide Car icones, but you should be able to download them with the part manage my content on the program you use to update tour device. As you can see here (maybe, if you did not save them on your computer you will have to find them on a thrid party website).


  • DavidfDean
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    Thanks, Jim. Sadly the update wiped out the icons for some reason? Anyway, would they be in the TOMTOM files perhaps as a backup?