No GPRS connection, MCC, imei, SIM ID & Model all blank in settings / Network

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My 1005 go has lost it's services. This happens every so often and usually I have to click on a link the support team send me and download something to it. There is a line through the connection signal indicator indicating it's not connecting to services.
It has lost is SIM ID, IMEI etc. info


  • Jim07
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    Hi @MikeNabz .

    Most of the time is the sim id disapear it's or that the battery is too "weak" or the sim card is deffect.

    In both cases, due to the age of your device we cannot offer any repair.

  • MikeNabz
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    Hi Jim, sorry but you are wrong.
    This has happened a few times and each time when I called and spoke to customer support they just send me a download to mydrive app and I update the device and it’s back working again.
    Support told me it’s a known bug and it will happen from time to time which it has.
    I just need the download to fix this to be sent to me like it has been 6 or 7 times I. The past and it will work.
    Apologies, I just realised I said no GPS, it has GPS but no GSM.
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