How do I delete my old camper 1005 from my account & add a new built-in device?

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When I log in to my account the first screen shows my old device, a 1005 Go Live Camper & Caravan stating there are 2 updates for it. I have tried left clicking on "my device" under the image of the 1005, but it does not list the 1005, only gives me the option to add another device. How do I elete a device that isn't listed?! This leads to my second problem! I have a built-in Tom Tom in my new vehicle. There is no paperwork of any sort with it with model no etc. I have formatted a new 64gb USB stick in the vehicle, but when I plug it in to my laptop after pressing the 'Add a Device' prompt, it comes up with a list of the files on the device and I have no idea what to do next. Any ideas anyone. Please use simple language as I am not very tech savvy, Thanks


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    To remove a device from your account you can just put it in the "bin" as you can see on the image below


    About your second device, can you tell me what is your car brand/ model?


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    Hi, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I cannot use the bin icon as there isn't one!
    This is the screen I see when I log on and there is no "bin" icon. When I go in to "my Devices" under the image of the Go Camper screen, it only gives me the option to add a device.


    As to my current device, it is integrated with the radio etc in a Benimar Mileo 201 Motorhome, which is on a Fiat Ducato 2.3 Euro 6 chassis. I have had another look through the handbook and it is possibly a Uconnect 5 Radio Nav.
    Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.