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GO 6000 screen is unresponsive

The screen is unresponsive. I've tried a soft reset, but no luck. Any suggestions?


  • Jim07Jim07 Posts: 4,059 Moderator

    Unfortunately, if screen is not responsive and if reset do not solve the issue the only way will be to contact our SAV to book a repair.


  • cwmffrwdcwmffrwd Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thank you for your reply Jim. I purchased a replacement Digitizer from eBay (GBP£25) and fitted it today, also an eBay replacement battery (GBP£10.50) since my GO 6000 is a few years old. The eBay Digitizer solved the non-responsive screen problem and I now have a fully functional TomTom with, as a bonus, a non-reflective screen (I guess the replacement, new Digitizer was an update). The new battery restored my GO 6000 to original battery capacity. Both the battery and Digitizer were easy to fit after studying a few of the many YouTube videos and taking care not to damage the casing or any internal components.
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