please can you move your GSM/GPRS real-time traffic information service from 2G to 3G/4G = new sim?

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I have a GO 5100 WORLD (5")

Your email of 2020/11/15 09:02: "Das 2G-Netzwerk in der Schweiz wird abgeschaltet"

To use a smart-phone one would need a) a new device and b) data-roaming = big $s? = unacceptable.

If you can't/won't fix this I will have to move to some other = a Garmin, say. rgds

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  • Jim07
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    Hi @ksi_phil

    All the scenari are explained in the email, and we will not be able to switch your device on the 3/4G network.

    If none of the actual solutions offered to you is acceptable I apologize buy we cannot offer any other option.

    Note that the live services will fully work outside of switzerland.


  • ksi_phil
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    Thanks, Did this answer the question? Yes - but not a satisfactory situation; I use the traffic info daily to advise on or avoid traffic jams. rgds
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