Odd audio skipping / cutout issue - iPhone 11 Pro, Cardo Packtalk Bold, Rider 550

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Hey folks! I've got my Cardo, Rider and iPhone happily talking to each other but there's a weird issue that pops up when playing music via my phone and getting nav instructions: the Rider voice cuts in to tell me what to do, but then the music playback will sometimes "skip"; sometimes it fast-forwards about half a second, sometimes the audio briefly mutes / cuts out before carrying on. The frequency of the interruptions seems to be around every 2 seconds or so. If I turn the Rider off, things settle down and music carries on as normal. Stopping and restarting the music sometimes clears it up, as does skipping a track.

I've tried this on a Pixel phone and a Sena headset to rule them out, and reproduced the issue on that setup too. My conclusion is that the Rider is at fault. It's using HSP mode for the voice; would it be worth giving ADSP a shot as well? Has anyone else run into this issue? Any thoughts & info would be hugely appreciated.


iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 14.1
Cardo Packtalk Bold, latest firmware
Rider 550, latest firmware


  • Jim07
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    Hi @S1000Matt

    It's a weird issue and I never heard about it before.  I Will check if I can find a solution. In the meantime if a user has a solution he is more than welcome to post it here.