Updating QuickGPSfix update on Go basic

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I use Go basic 5 to full satisfaction. automatic updates
start 24 I have to update myself via PC. There is a regular quickfix update for this. Determine Gps/location satellites. TomTom driver pulled out.

I update him every now and then or he is taken with other updates..... How many times do I have to do this? And what does he know after update, what he can't know by scanning. Surely the locations of vd satellites are constantly changing?

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  • Jim07
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    On this device you should udpate the quickgpsfix every 7 days. It helps the devcie to catch the gps signal faster.


  • AKlomberg
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    Dear Jim, Yes I knew this reason. But what is the ' way it works'? Because the gps satellites position changes continually..
    So what if it isn't updated and I scannes the whole sky. And if you turn/move the tomtom it ' 'forgets' its position wrt. the last position of the satillites. So, what is remembered?