Unstable display, with whitish lines and parts

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My Tom tom Runner 3 has the display failing. The screen is unstable in the graphics, the functionalities are not accessed, as I cannot identify what is written on the clock display.


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    The display is likely dead. try a factory reset but you will likely need a new watch, TT does not offer a repair service and that product was discontinued years ago (TT Sports went out of business almost 3 years ago). There are plenty of brands out there with better feature sets for less money these days.
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    I had this problem with my Runner 2. The cause was that the display had come loose (aged adhesive??) and loses contact with the mainboard of the watch (the display is not soldered to the mainboard). As a workaround, I was able to read the display by pressing firmly on it with two fingers on the right and left.
    When the display fell out completely while I was running, I glued it back in the frame with super glue and held it in place with glue clamps for 24 hours. Now everything works again. However, I am not sure whether the watch is still completely waterproof.
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    My TOMTOM Runner 2 screen went blank this year. The actual watch works perfectly as I have pressed the same buttons and recorded a run just as if the screen was working and it shows up on my TOMTOM login stats etc. Battery charges fully. TOMTOM sadly do not support, or even try to fix, this recent generation of their products.... Any suggestions gratefully welcome!! Thanks, Jon (Sevenoaks, Kent)
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