no traffic info in Belgium

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I have a Dutch GO Premium. In Belgium i doesn't recieve the traffic onfo.
Is this problem solved in the update i got today?


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    Hi @oomenlcjm_1

    Traffic should work in belgium as well. Did you try a soft reset when you were in belgium? ( holding the on/off button till the drum).  If the traffic info still does not work after that, could you please provide us the following information? 

    Serial number:
    SIM ID from the device:
    Network Connection Status:


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    My name is Julien
    I have the same problem for over half a year now. I travel a lot, mainly in the early mornings, from the south of the Netherlands (Maastricht and Sittard) to Brussels Airport, so not having accurate traffic info on my route gives a lot of inconvenience. Please HELP!!!

    TomTom Info:
    Network Connection Status: Wi-Fi (I am now at home)

    Kind regards,
    Julien Socrates

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