Import GPX Route into Rider 550 using iPhone

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When I plan a route for my Rider 550 I use MyDrive on my MacBook. However often I'm out and only have my iPhone 8 plus. I could use MyDrive app but frankly its terrible at planning anything other than a simple route. So whats the answer. Well I recently came across a great motorcycle app called Scenic. Scenic makes multi point route planning a doodle. Routes can be saved and organised into folders. Scenic is also able to import and export GPX routes. Now I could navigate using Scenic but I really want to use my Rider 550. So the first step is to save the Scenic route as a GPX file and store in folders on your phone. Next problem is getting the GPX file into Rider. MyDrive app cannot do this !! The trick I found is to download MyRoute-app Mobile. This is a free app for route planning. With this app you can upload your GPX file into MyRoute. Make any necessary edits and then export to Rider by using the menu option Save as - TomTom MyDrive (beta). Bingo the route is now transferred into your Rider. The imported route will now be on the MyDrive server and can be seen using the web version of MyDrive. The app version the imported route is invisible. Why who knows ! Of cause you could just plan using MyRoute app but I think Scenic does a better job. You do need an internet connection for this.

This is not ideal but my be one day MyDrive app will actually do something useful.
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