Help export tracks, SD card formatting for tracks vs maps

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I can't export my track to an SD card (or any other method). can you help me, please?

Your documents state that you can export tracks to a memory card. And memory card must have different formatting than a map memory card. Nowhere do you document how to format memory cards for either map or tracks!!!

Can you please show me the documents that explain how to format memory cards differently?

If there is easier way to export tracks/routes, please tell us how.

When I click "select tracks to share" and then click "share" button, I get this error message: "insert a different memory card. remove the card used to store maps and voices, and insert a memory card with enough free space"

This is a link to your TomTom Rider 550 manual and notes about exporting a track:
Exporting tracks to a memory card
You can export tracks as GPX files and save them on a memory card for sharing with other users.
Important: Routes and tracks cannot be stored on the same memory card as maps because different
memory card formatting is used.

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    Welcome to the site.....
    In your profile you state "TomTom Go Android, considering to buy a Rider 550"
    The Rider 4xx/5xx Easy Route upload....
    The Rider 4xx/5xx will give you direct access to a small buffer/transfer area of the Rider 4xx/5xx Main Memory... You can also access your Micro SD Card, you can drag & drop your .ITN or .GPX route files directly to the Rider 4/5xx Memory buffer/transfer area or the Micro SD Memory card over a secure system.....

    You can also use a Micro SD Card as a transfer medium
    To transfer a route to your NAV4/5 device using a Micro SD Memory Card.....[/b]
    Format your memory card on your PC to FAT32 format
    Copy your .GPX or .ITN route file to your Memory Card


    There is also the MyDrive Web Route planner....
    At the bottm of the My Routes list is a menu to import .GPX files

    If you use the Save & Sync option on the MyDrive Web Route Planner
    The Save & Sync option save a .GPX Track... its basicly a bread crumb track that you follow

    A Route planned directly on the device is a .ITN Route
    An .ITN Route uses Stops and the device plans the route between the stops... An .ITN Route will will respond to Live Traffic and any route deviations BUT an .ITN route will doggedly follow the stops in the order they were created, if you miss a stop, the device will continuously attempt to guide you to the missed stop... You have to cancel the problem stop on the device to avoid it

    Using a .ITN Route planned on the MDW Route planner...
    The latest version of MyDrive Web Route planner now uses 'Send Destination' or 'Send Stops' to send an .ITN Route
    The MyDrive Web Route planner only sends the route to the device as a Destination... Or if you add Stops it send it as a Route (But it's is not automatically saved in MyRoutes)
    If you are using .ITN route and 'Send Stops'
    see my workaround below



    Stay safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi YamFazMan,

    I appreciate the quick response.
    I bought a Rider 550 (and have now updated my profile. Sorry for not being explicit about my device!)

    I haven't yet focused on importing routes INTO the Rider 550.
    Instead, I am still struggling with EXPORTING my track OUT of the Rider and onto either an SD card or my computer or any method that actually works.

    Please know that I am quite proficient with technology. I have read and performed the instructions about formatting my SD card as FAT32. I also saw forum notes that TomTom struggles with recognizing SD cards, so I will be receiving a brand new sandisk class 10 32gb card today, will format it as FAT32, and then try it in the device.

    Did you see my link to Rider 550 documentation that explicitly says that SD card used for routes + tracks needs a different format than an SD card used for maps? But then the documentation doesn't even bother to tell us the details of what format to use for each?

    From what I'm reading, the only way to EXPORT TRACK from GPS to [anywhere! Phone, computer, SD card] is to use the TomTom > Share Track method. Are you aware of other methods to EXPORT TRACK from GPS?

    PS here is a link to photo of my TomTom Rider 550 showing the problems:
    - Cannot format memory card, already formatted
    - can't share track because of insert different memory card error message

    Thank you,
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    SOLUTION: use an appropriate new micro SD card!

    The card that worked: Sandisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-1, A1

    Examples of cards that DID NOT WORK:
    Sandisk 16GB, class 4, HC
    Sandisk 64GB, class 10 / XC 1 (I thought this card was pretty modern, so I'm surprised it failed!)

    When I used a new card, I didn't have to do anything special to get things to work. The card came formatted as FAT32, so I didn't need to do any formatting of the card. I put it in the Rider 550. Turned it on.
    My Routes > Share Route > Select the item to Share > It immediately got dropped onto the SD Card.

    I was then easily able to import the gpx file into the online TomTom MyDrive and Garmin BaseCamp.

    - lamely lounges
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    You're welcome, glad you're sorted :)

    Useful post... Memory Card format standards....
    FAT32, exFAT and Microsoft....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    I have a similar problem.
    I have formatted a Sandisk UHS-1 card in the Rider 550.
    When I go to 'current tack/share track', I get an error message 'Insert different memory card- remove the card used to store maps and voices and insert a memory card with enough free space'
    Under 'system/about' the card shows up as having 15.87 GB memory available..
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    Hi @nigelhirst

    The card it wants you to insert should not have been formatted in the TT unit but a clean Fat32 as you would have bought it.