GO 600 - Waiting for device in MyDrive Connect

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Myconnect: map-updates downloaded , but afterwards hanging in
Device updating
Waiting for device

Myconnect recognice the device GO 600 but doesNt update it.

TOMTOM Home doesn't even regognice the connectet GO 600


  • lampard
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    Hi there @Charly_Vienna

    Welcome to the Community! Your device needs MyDrive Connect and not TomTom HOME to update it. It seems to be the issue with your network connectivity as I can see the map and speed camera download is in the queue and waiting for a download. Please make sure you're using a wired, unrestricted Internet connection before starting the download. Also, apply changes to any Internet Security Software installed to allow TomTom software full access.

    Once you do that, Please have a look at the YamFazMan's response here to update the device via MyDrive Connect.

    Regards, lampard