Will the Rider 550 Work for Me?

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I need a new GPS and prefer Tomtom. I am looking at the Rider 550 but am trying to figure out how to get it integrated with my systems. I have two bikes, a 2003 Goldwing and a 2008 Vstrom 650 with a J&M CB radio system. The only input on both bikes for auxiliary sound is via a 3.5mm stereo plug. I have a wired headset in my helmet the plugs into both bikes via a 5-pin connector. I want to be able to hear the Tomtom in my helmet so how do I do that? I do not have bluetooth in the helmet as the only way for me to do that would be to add another set of speakers and a Cardio or other similar device. Anyone done this before? Any advice would be appreciated.


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    You can use a Bluetooth A2DP to 3.5mm adapter with the Rider 550.
    On my motorcycle I use a Bluetooth A2DP to FM transmitter to mix the navigation instructions with my BT intercom. This work great for me.

    I know @YamFazMan also uses a Bluetooth A2DP to 3.5mm adapter. Maybe he has buying tips. (Not all models are stable)