TomTom Go Essential Voice Control Problem

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This is about the Dutch voice control language.
I recently purchased a GO Essential 6. I also own a Garmin Drivesmart 65. Both have speech recognition. However, when I give a voice command while driving the TomTom Essential, I notice that it often does not understand the numbers properly.
An example: If I make a choice from "Recent Destinations" with the number 1, then the voice control makes it a 3. No matter how many times I repeat that I want 1. He keeps repeating that I chose 3. This happens mostly when I am driving. If I stand still or I am at home, it will be recognized properly.

I have also noticed that the voice control is very slow. From the moment of the activation sentence to the voice command window takes an average of 3 seconds.

Compared to the Garmin. The Garmin has no problems at all with speech recognition regardless of various ambient sounds. It responds quickly and understands all voice commands without errors.

Is there a setting or adjustment that I can make to improve the voice control of the Essential?


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    Hi @Futureline

    Thank you for the feedback! This is one of the open issues and I would advise you to get in touch with our support via chat/email and provide them with the device details such as device Serial Number, Navcore version, Device language, Computer voice selected.

    Regards, lampard
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    So I did..... :)