problems with the IOS version of MyDrive app

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Good morning!

When using the MyDrive IOS app, I keep getting the two errors/conspicuities described below (really regularly!) despite the overall good usability:

1. Delayed or no response to touch operation:
As already noted in another thread, the MyDrive app has been incredibly slow responding for some time - and this is the case with both my iPad (Pro11, model 2020) and iPhone (12 Pro), both devices run under IOS14.
The actual route calculation is not affected by this - it's (at least in my case) only about the speed in relation to the touch-screen operation. Sometimes it takes up to 30 seconds until the app reacts and e.g. opens a menu, scrolls or zooms the map.

2. inserting waypoints directly on the map:
It is becoming increasingly common for waypoints that are marked directly on the map (i.e. not by entering an address or POI) to be integrated into the route up to 250m from the "tapped" point - this is not very helpful when planning routes on motorways and in cities (where you may "skip" several blocks of houses) it is an absolute NoGo.

Both errors/insufficiencies occur exclusively in the IOS app and could not be fixed by a new installation.
When using a browser (not possible with iPad and iPhone) there are no problems. Here MyDrive works practically error-free and fast.




  • YamFazMan
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    I find he MyDrive App on my iPad with iOS14 is very laggy....
    Perhaps the general laggy feel to the UI would account for some of the problems/errors you are experiencing ???

    Stay safe... ATB YFM
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    I have the same problems wit „my drive“ software, delayed response since update to IOS 14. I contacted TomTom support at least 5 times. They couldn’t help and it looks like they are not interested to fix this bug.
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    Yup. I have this problem too. It's so frustrating. I'm involved in driver training for the ambulance service and use the app to plot routes on the 'go'. My last students suggested that I should melt down the Tomtom as it will probably be more use as coaster. It really doesn't give a good impression of the product. I keep explaining that it will be improved. I fear I might be wrong. 🥺